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Brand Partners

Enduring brands are the ones that authentically respond to consumers’ evolving needs

At Amberstone, we take a concentrated approach, working with a select group of extraordinary entrepreneurs, to build dynamic, purposeful partnerships that go beyond a playbook approach to achieve exceptional outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Brand Partners

Bringing fermented foods to the main course

Cleveland Kitchen’s products make nutrient dense, plant based foods more accessible at every meal.

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Desserts that nourish and delight

Honey Mama’s created a delicious dessert with five all natural ingredients and no refined sugar.

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Making coffee easy, affordable and extremely tasty

One 6oz jar of Javy’s concentrate makes 30 cups of coffee, eliminating the need for shipping water to have great, convenient coffee in your home.

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Brewing honest alcohol for a healthier planet

JuneShine pioneered nutritional and ingredient transparency in the beverage alcohol category.

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Like oatmeal, but cooler

A people-first food company founded on the belief that better outcomes in life begin with better food

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A craft beer for everybody

Partake Brewing is the craft non-alcoholic beer brand that focuses on flavor, health, socializing, and inclusivity for people who choose not to drink alcohol whether as a need or increasingly as a lifestyle choice.

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