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Sarika Pokala


Sarika was raised in the Greater Boston Area, where she was influenced by her parents’ deep immersion in the wellness lifestyle. Her entrepreneurial spirit emerged early, leading her to launch a waitstaff business in high school. This passion for business and entrepreneurship guided her to Cornell University, where she earned a degree in Applied Economics and Management. Following her graduation, Sarika’s interest in next-generation consumer brands led her to Whipstitch Capital. As an Investment Banking Associate there, she worked closely with brands in the food, beverage, women’s health, and personal care sectors. Sarika then joined Amberstone as an Associate, where she now focuses on diligence, investment analysis, and data strategy.


Cornell University, BS

Why consumer?

My family and I immigrated to the US when I was three years old. Growing up in a South Asian American household, I had the privilege of experiencing flavorful, spice-rich desi dishes, learning and practicing ayurvedic beauty routines passed down from generations, and embracing the vibrant cultural traditions of my family. I always loved sharing my culture, food, and traditions with my friends at school and saw firsthand how these unique experiences resonated with them.

This instilled in me a deep appreciation for diverse consumer products and the powerful role they play in bringing people together and fostering cultural exchange. It also sparked my interest in the consumer sector, particularly in brands that prioritize authenticity, wellness, and innovation. I wanted to be part of an industry that not only celebrates diverse traditions but also drives positive change in people’s lives through better-for-you products and practices.